Our process
Just like our process with carpet, the fabric is
treated with a pre-spray. This loosens and
suspends oils and soils. Then the fabric is steam
extracted, removing all the yuck and rinsing the
fabric until there is virtually no residue left. The
fabric usually dries in about an hour, and is soft and
Go “Green”
You can have your upholstery cleaned with
certified green chemicals. Biodegradeable, non
toxic and safer, these chemicals do a wonderful
job while giving you peace of mind. After all, you
live on your couch, don’t you? For just a bit more
in price it’s a no brainer.

Get results like this on your fine furniture. This is
a white chaise, cleaned with certified “green”
chemicals. The chaise was in a mechanic’s
house! If I can do this, think what I can do for
your upholstered chairs, couch or recliner.

Don’t trust your
fine fabrics to
just any cleaner
Larson’s Carpet Care
has over 18 years
experience cleaning
carpet and upholstery.
We have the
experience and
knowledge to get the
job done safely and
correctly. Don’t trust
the 19 year old
employee of the
“other” company to
know how to clean your
expensive furnishings.
Demand experience!