What is “steam cleaning” of tile and grout, and
does it really work?
Steam cleaning refers to the method used by
professionals to remove oil and soil from your tile
and grout. First, a special cleaner is applied to your
floor that begins to melt the oils and loosen soils.
Then, a truckmounted cleaning unit delivers high
pressure hot water to a cleaning tool which is used
to “blast” the soil and oil from your tile and grout. A
large suction hose is also attached which sucks up
all the dirty water and solution. Your floor is left
completely free of oil, soil and detergent, so clean in
fact that “you can eat off of it”. It works so well that
even if you spend hours on your hands and knees
scrubbing your tile and grout you will never achieve
the results we can.

I have heard from your competitors that steam
cleaning can damage my grout or tile. Is this true?
Yes and no. If your grout was installed properly and
has no damage, steam cleaning will not do any
damage. However, if your grout was not installed
properly, it could be as soft as chalk, in which case
the high pressure could blast pieces of it out. Also, if
you have cracks in your tile or grout caused by
cracks in the concrete subfloor below, there could be
loose grout that may come out. A good tile cleaning
company should inspect your floor before beginning
any work, and address any issues and what should
be done about them. Generally, every floor has some
“issue” that must be dealt with no matter what
cleaning method is used. We have over 13 years
experience in cleaning all types of tile and grout, and
we inspect every floor for possible concerns, then
make you aware of those concerns and what may be

What kind of tile do you clean? How do we know
what kind of tile we have?
We clean virtually all types of tile, ceramic,
porcelain, travertine, marble, flagstone, slate,
Saltillo etc. If you do not know what kind of tile you
have, it is usually simple enough to find out. If
your tile has a repeating “pattern”, meaning there
is the same colors or textures in the same spots on
many of the tiles, it is most likely porcelain or
ceramic. If your tile has many natural and unique
patterns on every tile, it is probably limestone,
marble or travertine. Saltillo is usually very easy to
spot, with an uneven surface, large grout lines,
usually rounded corners and will usually have a
topical sealer on it. They are doing some fantastic
things with man made tiles that can make it difficult
for a homeowner to identify it. Call us if you have
questions about your tile, we can help.

We sealed our grout when it was installed, why is
it dirty already?
It is a common misconception that sealing your grout
will keep it looking new forever. Not true. Sealing
helps your grout become less porous, and therefore
less susceptible to stains. It does slow down the
natural soiling process, but it will not stop it. It helps
keep the soil, oil and spills on the surface instead of
those contaminates being absorbed.

Should we seal our grout? Does it change the
appearance of the grout?
We highly recommend sealing your grout after it has
been professionally cleaned. Sealing your grout
makes it less porous, therefore keeping oil, soil and
spills on top of the grout where it can be more easily
cleaned. Once these contaminates are absorbed into
the grout they can stain the grout. Oils, especially in
the kitchen, can be absorbed into the grout and turn
your grout darker, which cannot always be removed
with any cleaning process. We always use top
quality penetrating sealers that do not change the
appearance of the grout.

Our grout is stained and ugly, is there a way to fix
this? Can you change the color of our grout?
Yes! Normally grout cleans up very nicely with our
powerful process, but sometimes grout becomes
discolored, stained or uneven in color. In this case
we can color seal the grout lines, covering all of the
stains and making all of the grout one color again.
This is achieved using a special “paint” type sealer.
It is applied by hand, like painting with a brush. Your
grout becomes virtually water/stain proof and looks
brand new no matter how old or stained it was! It will
last for years, provided it was done right.

This with your process?
In most cases, yes. There are a lot of
“professionals” out there that do not know how to
properly color seal grout lines. In this case the color
sealer may easily be removed, even with a light
scrubbing from a mop. We can almost always spot
bad workmanship right away, and will let you know
what to expect and what can be done about it. If you
have had a poor color sealing done to your grout
you will usually see areas where the old grout color
is showing up, because of peeling and flaking of the
color sealer. This is not good!