Slate, a fine grained metamorphic rock formed
millions of years ago. It has been used for such
things as chalkboards, and even the little tablets
film makers use to record takes. It created the
famous slapping sound between each take, as the
director yelled “action”! Today slate is used as a
bold flooring choice, with many color and texture
variations. Some prefer a more rugged “raw”
slate, while others enjoy a more refined reflective
finish. Either way, slate comes with it’s own set of
rules when it comes to cleaning and maintaining a
finish. The sometimes very rough and rugged
surface of this incredibly beautiful stone can
capture dirt and oils, making it impossible to clean
with any house-hold process. Furthermore, the
porous nature of slate can render you defenseless
against spills and stains. This is where we come
in. With high powered cleaning equipment that is
able to blast the soil and oil out of the smallest of
crevices, you will never again agonize on hands
and knees with a brush. When you see the
results we are able to provide, you will soon forget
ever having scrubbed your floor and concentrate
on more important activities, such as enjoying our
beautiful Arizona outdoors!