Saltillo tile, or mexican tile, is a beautiful tile made of fired
clay. The many color variations and rugged appearance
make saltillo a bold statement in your home. Those who
have saltillo love it, but are often overcome with how to
maintain or refinish it. That is where we can help! We
know how to clean, strip, restore and refinish your saltillo to
it’s original beauty, making it easier to maintain. You will
soon remember how beautiful your tile used to be! See
our pictures below of saltillo jobs we have done in

Below is a Saltillo floor that needed stripping and re-sealing/finishing in Tucson.
You will notice that the floor is really a mess in the pictures on the left, as another
company tried to restore this floor without the proper knowledge and experience.
I was called in to fix this mess after the other company spent five days trying to
strip the 22 year old finish off of this red saltillo tile, accomplishing little more than
damaging the tiles. The pictures on the right show the floor completely stripped,
damaged grout repaired and the Saltillo prepped for the final sealing and finish
phase. To further intensify the beauty of the floor, which you may notice in the
third pics, the grout was color sealed with a light leather brown.
The final pics are with two coats of sealer, there were three more applied after
these pics were taken, but my camera died! The finish used was a durable
solvent based color enhancing sealer/finish, you can see how it enriched the colors
in the Saltillo tile to an intense red. Not all floors are done with this special sealer
due to it’s price and the necessity to vacate the premise during application.