What is “Steam Cleaning”
Very simply, steam cleaning, or “hot water extraction” is a process that utilizes hot water to
rinse the carpet and a high volume high power vacuum to remove the water and soil from the
carpet or floor. It is the most preferred method by 9 out of ten rug mills. It removes more soil
than any other process.

My friends said not to clean my new rug for as long as possible because it will get dirty
faster, it this true?
Not so! When performed correctly, cleaning your carpet BEFORE it gets too soiled will
extend the life of your carpet. As a matter of fact, soils and oils left in your carpet do far more
damage than cleaning the carpet many times over. In days gone by cleaners had to rely on
soaps that would attract soil, today’s technology is far better. We do not rely on “soap”, and
we rinse all cleaning residue during the process. The carpet is “pre-sprayed” with a special
cleaner and then rinsed clean.

Last time I had my carpets cleaned by another company and it took days to dry, how
long should it take?
Normally, 3 to eight hours. Sometimes a bit longer depending on weather conditions and
indoor air movement. Some companies do not take the time to do the job right, or use faulty
equipment that is not powerful enough to remove the excess water. We take the necessary
measures to ensure your carpet dries as fast as possible, and do not over wet the carpet.

I have a Stainmaster carpet, can you clean this?
We are IICRC and CRI certified, which is required in your warranty, and use equipment and
chemicals that comply with the warranty on your carpet. Today’s carpets have special
protectors that must be handled with care. We Know how to clean these special carpets to
maintain your warranty. Beware of cleaners who do not use the proper chemicals who may
void your warranty and remove the protectors!

Can you get out all of the “stains”?
I would love to try! Some spills and spots may actually change the color of your carpet,
therefore becoming a stain. Urine can stain the carpet almost immediately, and in many
cases become permanent. Beverages with food coloring will dye the fibers, and oil over time
will oxidize and stain. While most stains are permanent, others may come out with a
specialized process. We do not charge extra for spots and some stains, but others that
require this specialized process may cost more. We do an inspection before beginning any
work and inform you of any possible problems that we can foresee. You can help us remove
spots and stains by pointing out any problem areas when we arrive, and if possible let us
know what caused the spot, what you used on it, and how long it’s been there.

What do I need to do to prepare for the cleaning?
We ask that you remove any items that you wish to have cleaned under. We are not a
moving company and our insurance does not cover losses incurred while moving furniture.
With that being said, we are not lazy and will help with a few items if necessary. Also, items of
sentimental or monetary value should be removed from surrounding walls or areas that we
may come in contact with. We take great pride in being careful and respectful of your home,
but taking chances is unnecessary. Also, please vacuum thoroughly before we arrive.
Secure pets so that there is no risk of them running out the door or walking on freshly
cleaned carpet! It also helps to have any low hanging curtains and dust ruffles lifted.

What should I do after the carpet has been cleaned?
Your carpet will be slightly damp for several hours. During this time limit any traffic on the
carpet, and wear socks or clean house slippers. We can supply you with booties as well. No
furniture should be moved until the carpet is completely dry. No vacuuming is necessary, but
you may do so if you like once the carpet has dried. Then vacuum at least once per week or
as usual. Any furniture that we moved during the cleaning process will have plastic tabs or
blocks under the feet, we ask that you leave these for at least 24 hours, more if necessary.

Should I apply protector to my carpet? Does it really work?
I highly recommend applying protector to the carpet once it has been cleaned. We use
Dupont Teflon Advanced protector. It will repel water, oil and dry soil, which will prolong the
life of your carpet while making it more resistant to stains and spots. We apply the protector
after cleaning with a sprayer that is dedicated to just protector. It does work or I would not
sell it. After all, my name is on the company! Many carpets are treated with this technology
at the factory, and it is suggested that you have it re-applied after cleaning. Stainmaster and
some other carpets are also treated with “acid dye resistors” at the factory. This is different
than protectors and will not come off during the cleaning process provided the carpets are
cleaned properly.

Is it true that going bare-foot will leave oils in the carpet?
Yes, BUT shoes do far more damage than bare feet. Shoes bring in whatever the cat didn’t,
along with oils from the street and particulate soil. Taking off your shoes when coming into
your home is probably the easiest and best way to prolong the life of your carpet. It is also
better to wear socks, but skin oils are usually removed easily. Come on guys, take those
shoes off

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to help. We are here to educate our clients about the maintenance and
purchasing of floors. My goal is to dispel at least one myth a day. We are
not just cleaners, we are professionals.